Ventoy multi-iso usb

вышла версия 1.0.20

1.0.21 что-то они там намудрили…


Ventoy 1.0.44 release

  1. Add WIMBOOT Mode. Notes
  2. Fix issue when install Fedora Server Edition
  3. Add -o option in (#903)
  4. Add parent/isopwd/wimpwd/imgpwd/efipwd/vhdpwd/vtoypwd options in password. Notes
  5. Fix a bug about unaligned read in UEFI mode.

See for detail.

Ventoy 1.0.45 release

  1. Add random theme select support. Notes
  2. Add parent option in auto_install plugin. Notes
  3. Add parent option in injection plugin. Notes
  4. Add for lossless expansion of persistent dat file. Notes
  5. Print progress when use md5sum/sha1sum/sha256sum/sha512sum in grub shell.
  6. Fix pack error in vDisk env (#912)
  7. languages.ini update

See for detail.

Ventoy 1.0.46 release

  1. Compatibility improvement for booting ISO file in Legacy BIOS mode.
  2. vtoyboot-1.0.13 release. Notes
  3. Windows VHD(x) boot plugin vhdimg v3.0 release. Notes
  4. Fix a bug about ventoy version message position when VTOY_DEFAULT_IMG was set to F6>xxx
  5. Optimization for booting CRUX distro
  6. Make priority key>parent in menu class plugin
  7. languages.ini update
  8. New image support
    Lakka-Generic.x86_64-3.1.img (Legacy + UEFI)
    Lakka-Generic.x86_64-3.0.img (Legacy + UEFI)

See News . Ventoy for detail.