Hyperfine (Бенчмаркинг)

Инструмент для тестирования производительности из командной строки.

Cравнение fd и find:



  • The -L/--parameter-list option can now be specified multiple times to
    evaluate all possible combinations of the listed parameters:
hyperfine -L number 1,2 -L letter a,b,c \
   "echo {number}{letter}" \
   "printf '%s\n' {number}{letter}"
# runs 12 benchmarks: 2 commands (echo and printf) times 6 combinations of
# the "letter" and "number" parameters

See: #253, #318 (@wchargin)

  • Add CLI option to identify a command with a custom name, see #326 (@scampi)


  • When parameters are used with --parameter-list or --parameter-scan, the JSON export format
    now contains a dictionary parameters instead of a single key parameter. See #253, #318.
  • The plot_parametrized.py script now infers the parameter name, and its --parameter-name
    argument has been deprecated. See #253, #318.


  • Fix a bug in the outlier detection which would only detect “slow outliers” but not the fast
    ones (runs that are much faster than the rest of the benchmarking runs), see #329
  • Better error messages for very fast commands that would lead to inf/nan results in the relative
    speed comparison, see #319
  • Show error message if --warmup or --*runs arguments can not be parsed, see #337
  • Keep output colorized when the output is not interactive and --style=full or --style=color is used.